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Rob MacDougall

Rob MacDougall has succeeded at accomplishing what most of us only dream of: aligning what he loves to do with his livelihood and making a difference for others while he does it.

Rob has successfully aligned his love of sports and art with his belief in community service, to create a truly compelling brand and merging his love of sports and art with a desire to give back has proved a potent formula for Rob, recognized as he is as Canada’s Premiere sports artist

For the past three decades years Rob has been providing sports enthusiasts, professional athletes and sports organizations the means by which to appropriately honor and celebrate their hero’s defining moments through commemorative art.

Rob has been painting beside some of the most talented and revered athletes, in sport, given life to some of the commercial world’s most beloved caricatures and supported many of Canada’s most notable causes and charities.

Through a pencil and brush Rob MacDougall enables sports fans to revisit sports history and celebrate honor and remember the childhood hero’s they grew up aspiring to be.

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