Steve Hudak's Gallery

Steve Hudak

I am a Canadian artist living in Burlington Ontario; my work has focused primarily on the reinterpretation of human form through gesture, behavior, communication and culture. I attempt to reconstruct these elements through the careful appropriation of children's stories, mythology, and natural and cultural symbolism. These reconstructions are carefully crafted and always in balance with my intense interest in Visual Theory and Human Anatomy.

Much of my interest derives from a desire to simplify the complex operating systems that I observe . Individuals and groups construct modes of operation within society and consequently society constructs systems to deal with individuals. Children make sense of these systems through acting out, playing with toys and through games; this process allows them to build relationships with elements of their world and can help direct them toward a role within it. I believes that this type of comprehension and communication is of tremendous value to people of all ages and this philosophy is at the core of my creative process and artistic practice.

I am also a thoughtful, patient instructor with a wealth of technical knowledge and have taught sculpture and moldmaking for many years. My work is held in many private and corporate art collections and I work in clay, concrete, bronze, chocolate, glass, rubber, butter, resin, gypsum, foam, aluminum, and steel.